As surely as water loves to lap a dock, Australians love a drink. But not always. Sometimes just not. Inspired by the world of wine, we are using the building blocks of actual wine to rethink the wine experience, without losing your keys.

  • Structure: unripe grape juice (Verjuice)
  • Aromatics: raw unfiltered biodynamic wine vinegar
  • Flavours: seasonal fruits + vegetables
  • Feelings: functional herbs, adaptogens, nootropics, cactus, mushroom etc

The smarts behind Ghiddy come from three men with three very different backgrounds in the drinks world. But as James Brown says "It don't mean nothing, without a woman or a girl".

  • Tom Egan, owner and maker of Jed Wines 
  • Tim Triggs, owner and maker of ALTD
  • Thor Bergguist, owner and maker of PS Soda
  • Sienna Egan, Owner of Tom Egan